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No deposit bonuses are oftentimes also referred to as free bonuses. Sounds pretty interesting right? Find some of the most desired no deposit bonuses in Canada right here!

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What is a no-deposit bonus?  You might’ve asked yourself this question before when crossing paths with the term. Basically, it’s an amount of money that casinos make available to players in certain situations. A specific situation could be, for example, trying to attract new players to the casino’s platform and games.

So... are no deposit bonuses basically free money?

There’s a popular saying that goes "nothing comes for free". This is more or less true when it comes to no-deposit bonuses as well. When you get a no deposit bonus, it’s a free bonus, but there’ll definitely be some wagering or rollover requirements. It’s very important that you know of these requirements before starting the game.

There aren’t only differences between the terms and conditions when granting no deposit bonuses, but also in their characteristics. If you wish to be able to tell them apart easily, then read on!

Types of No Deposit Bonuses

They can be classified into 3 categories:

  • No Deposit Bonuses for New Players: As the name suggests, this type of bonus is available to new players. Meaning those who register at the casino for the first time.

  • No Deposit Bonuses for Existing Players: This type of bonus is the exact opposite of the previous one. It’s a bonus that’s meant to reward existing players for different things. For example, for achieving a goal, a winning combination, or as a reward for loyalty.

  • No Deposit Bonuses for All Players: This type of bonus is simply known as a No Deposit Bonus. It’s offered to both new and existing players. For example, from time to time, perhaps every month, the casino offers a no-deposit bonus for no particular reason. The casino may also offer this type of bonus for special days, such as Valentine's Day, birthdays, Halloween, Christmas etc.

What Do You Receive A No Deposit Bonus As?

Now that you know the types of no-deposit bonuses there are, it’s also important that you know what you actually receive. They come in different forms. The most common ways to receive no deposit bonuses are as:

  • Cash.

  • Money in the player's casino account.

  • The opportunity to try some games for free. You can get free spins with no deposit bonuses.

No Deposit Bonus Conditions

Although no deposit bonuses are bonuses that don’t require the player to make any type of deposit, they do require the player to meet certain conditions in order for them to be awarded or for the winnings to be withdrawn. For example, if you’ve just signed up at a casino, you may be offered a no-deposit bonus as a welcome bonus. The condition of this no deposit bonus would be to join the casino. This is one of the simplest conditions. Other conditions or requirements that are often associated with no deposit bonuses are:

  • Wagering/rollover requirements: to get a no deposit bonus with wagering requirements, you must place a bet “x times”. For example, if the casino offers a no deposit bonus of $100 and the wagering requirements are 10x, it means that you have to place bets of at least $1000 to be able to claim the bonus.

  • Playing a game, a certain number of times: In this situation, the player must have tried a game "x times" to claim the no deposit bonus. For example, the player must have played a game at least 10x in order to claim the bonus.

  • Meet a certain number of spins: This condition involves completing "x number of spins" in a game. For example, you must complete 50 spins in a specific game in order to obtain the bonus. Free spins are considered a different category of bonuses because of their features. These tend to vary from other bonuses depending on the RTP of the game.

  • Other: While the conditions mentioned above are the most common ones when it comes to claiming no-deposit bonuses, they’re not the only ones you may encounter. It’s important to know that online casinos offer no deposit bonuses all the time and that in order to take full advantage of them or decide if they’re actually convenient, the conditions must be carefully reviewed.

How To Get No Deposit Bonuses

Getting a free bonus takes more than just clicking or tapping a single button. But that doesn’t mean it’s complicated either. It’s actually a very easy process. In most cases, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Create a user account in your chosen casino

  2. Upload the required documents and verify your account

  3. Explore casino games and choose the game with the most advantageous bonus

  4. Check the bonus claim conditions

  5. Use the bonus - Start the game and have fun!

How To Get the Best No Deposit Bonuses

Now that you know that no deposit bonuses come in many different forms and carry different conditions, let’s see exactly how you can get one that's convenient for you. To get a no deposit bonus from a casino, you must of course be willing to play, but you also need to know certain details:


Rollover refers to the wagering requirements we mentioned in the previous section. The rollover requirements are at the top of the terms of a no deposit bonus, they’re the most important aspect when comparing bonuses. If you have a bonus with 10x wagering requirements and one with 20x wagering requirements, and the bonus amount is the same, the 10x bonus is definitely the more convenient one. The reason for this is that you have to wager a much smaller amount in order to claim the bonus.


No deposit bonuses can also be related to conditions on limitations. Limitations are also known as limits. No deposit bonus limits refer to withdrawal limits as well as limitations on winnings or game types.

  • Withdrawal limits: When you receive a no-deposit bonus, you can usually withdraw your winnings (once the rollover/wagering requirements are met). But there may be limitations on the amount that you can withdraw.

  • Winning limits: Some no-deposit bonuses may place a limit on the amount you can win when you play using the bonus. If, for example, you use a no-deposit bonus of $200 at an online casino and win $250, you’ll only be able to withdraw $200 if the bonus’ winning limit is $200.

  • Limitations on game types: You can get no deposit bonuses where it’s stated in their terms and conditions that the bonuses can only be used for specific games. If, for example, the terms of the bonus state that it can’t be used for roulette games, you’ll have to find another game to play – even if you originally wanted to play roulette

These conditions differ from online casino to online casino, so it’s important to pay attention to the terms and conditions of the bonuses every time you play in a new online casino.

The Advantage of No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses offer small perks that their players can take advantage of. Especially when it comes to new players. The biggest advantage of no-deposit bonuses is that they allow you to try out a game without betting real money. Sounds pretty great, right? Why not give it a try yourself? Enjoy the freedom that no-deposit bonuses can give you. 

The Disadvantages of No Deposit Bonuses

It comes as no surprise that everything has both its upside and downside. The same goes for no deposit bonuses. The main disadvantage of no deposit bonuses is the conditions that are attached. Although claiming the bonus allows you to play for free for a period of time, there’ll still be conditions that determine whether or not you can claim the winnings.

The truth is that the world of online casinos, as well as online casino games, is very vast. If there were no such bonuses as no deposit bonuses, many people would probably be more reluctant to try new games or casinos. Bonuses, especially no deposit bonuses, are therefore an opportunity to try new experiences while doing it for free!

Now, you know a little more about no deposit bonuses. There are lots of no-deposit bonus casinos in Canada. So, go take a look at the casinos listed on our website if you’re interested! But... No deposit bonuses aren’t the only type of bonus available in online casinos. There are a few other types of bonuses in the world of online gambling.

Learn more about casino bonuses.

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