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Online casinos are an amazing way to have lots of fun! Here at Casino Cupid, our goal is to ensure that you find the online casino that best matches your preferences – in the safest and fastest way possible.

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ICE Casino
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115 free spins
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Lucky Dreams
Deposit bonus
500 free spins
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Las Atlantis
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  • Use bonus code: LASATLANTIS
  • Supports cryptocurrency
  • 24/7 support
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Terms and conditions apply | Play responsibly | 18+

Deposit bonus
500 free spins
  • Weekly bonuses
  • Live tournaments
  • Fast payments
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Terms and conditions apply | Play responsibly | 18+

Online casinos, also known as virtual casinos, are online versions of traditional casinos. Online casinos offer players the opportunity to play various types of casino games online. These games can be played on handheld devices or computers. Through the emerging of online casinos, a more accessible and flexible form of recreation and entertainment has been introduced.

Millions of people have enjoyed the experience of online casinos for years. Since the arrival of the first online casino, this type of gambling has grown much in popularity. Today, it is easier than ever to enjoy your favorite games of chance whenever you want. You can even do it from the comfort of your home or on the go.

For many, the idea of playing casino games online with real money can be a bit scary, but the industry of online casinos is overseen by multiple different Canadian gaming commissions that reside in different provinces. These are commissions such as Kahnawake Gaming Commission and Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario who offer information and responses to any serious gambling-related issues that may arise.

If you are afraid that you would end up spending too much money on online casinos, you can always set a deposit limit and bet limit. This ensures that you will not be able to bet more money on online casino games than the limit that you have placed before starting the games. Some online casinos and sports betting agencies even offer the possibility of placing or imposing limits on deposits, bets, and even withdrawals. These limits are usually very reasonable and are imposed for good reason.

Advantages of Online Casinos

There are several benefits related to online casinos! Here are just a few of them:

  • They are accessible from anywhere at any time

All you need is a laptop, mobile phone, tablet, or any other type of smart device with internet access.

  • It is fun!

Even if you are not a big fan of gambling, it can be lots of fun to give it a whirl and try it out.

  • They offer a wide range of different games

From slots to poker or roulette. You can enjoy a broad variety of dynamic and colorful games. If you prefer strategy games, you can opt for games such as live poker. On the other hand, if you feel lucky, you can try some spins on an online roulette or slots.

  • They are fast!

Most online gambling sites are very fast-paced and quick. You can play multiple rounds in just a few minutes, and that is often all we need when we want to relax and distract our minds from the hectic stresses of everyday life – or even just when we are bored and have some time to spare.

  • They are safe

As long as you choose an online casino that has been licensed, there is no need to worry about safety.Licensed online casinos are closely monitored and also verified by various commissions. If an online casino is not licensed, it is not a good idea to use it since the risk of safety and security breaches is big compared to a licensed casino which is safe.

  • Demo version

The option to play demo versions (not for real money) is a very good alternative for beginners who are curious and want to try new games without putting their money at stake. You can use demo versions for practice.

  • They can be easily compared

Online casinos can be easily compared. Each online casino is unique in the sense that they all offer different games and special experiences. Also, with the help of comparison platforms like Casino Cupid, you can compare licensed online casinos and thus find the casino that gives you the best benefits.

  • You can learn from the mistakes of others

Those who play online games often share their experiences with other players, either in specialized forums or directly on comparison platforms. These reviews are very valuable sources of information that you can use to your advantage.

Advantages of Using an Online Casino Comparison Platform

Firstly, let’s start with the definition of what a comparison platform is. Even though they appeared more than 25 years ago, many people have not heard of or tried them before. A comparison platform is a kind of intermediary between online casinos and the players. Instead of searching for information by going through the site of every single casino separately, you can find all of your information in a single place – using just a few clicks. By using a comparison platform like Casino Cupid, you can quickly get an overview of multiple different online casinos, their games, and the benefits they offer. Essentially, a comparison platform is a tool created to help better your experience, your luck and your winnings!

A Guide for Navigating through Online Casinos

If you haven’t played at an online casino or a land-based casino before, this may all seem very new to you. But you will see that it is actually quite simple. After all, casinos want your experience to be as smooth and entertaining as possible so that you can come back to have fun time and time again.

Step 1: Choose the right online casino for you

You may have noticed that we recommend choosing the most suitable casino for your needs, and not the one that is generally ranked as the best. The reason for this is that every online casino is different, and what it means to play at “the best casino” can vary from player to player.

The choice should depend on preferences, passions, and experiences. We wish to emphasize that you should play at the casino that best suits your personal preferences. And if you are not sure what you prefer, there are several ways for you to find out. First of all, you can try different casinos and different games, playing in the demo version (DEMO). If you find that a certain game is becoming one of your favorites, you can return and play for real money when you feel a little more comfortable. It is all up to you!

You can also watch videos on YouTube about the games that you may be interested in, or you can read informative articles if you wish to gain more knowledge on how the game works. At Casino Cupid, we have a whole section dedicated to the biggest online casino games, where we share information on the different game types. You can find it here. The more information you get, the better!

Before continuing to the next step, make sure that you are at a licensed online casino. That way, you can be sure that your data is protected and that you will not have any problems with depositing or withdrawing money from your account. If there aren’t any licensed online casinos within your country, you can use overseas licensed online casino sites.

Step 2: Create a user account

This is not an optional step. You can’t play without having a user account. The reason for this is that the identity of the player must be verified. That is the only way that online casinos can ensure that the player is over 18 years of age. Once you are on the website of your favorite casino, look for the button where you can create a new account or register. Next, you must complete the application form of the respective casino. It’s a pretty detailed form since online gambling include potential winnings. In the form, you must fill out the following information:

  • Name and surname

  • Date of Birth


  • Full address (street area, community, postal code, etc.)

  • E-mail address

  • Personal mobile number

In addition to your personal data, you must choose a secure username and password.

Step 3: Verify/confirm the account

In this step, you need to verify your account. Verifying the account is a step that can’t be avoided since casinos are required by law to go through this process in order to ensure that no one under the age of 18 registers. This verification process is also known as KYC (know your customer).

What does KYC entail?

It’s actually very simple, you just need to upload the documents that validate both your identity and where you live. That could be a photo of your identity and passport, and for example, a utility bill where your name appears.

Once you have uploaded the documents, it’s the casino’s turn to verify the information that has been written in the registration form and the uploaded documents. If everything is as it should be, your account will be confirmed.

Step 4: Sign in to your account

If you’ve filled out the information in the registration form and confirmed the e-mail address, it’s time to log into your account and start the fun. Take advantage of the demo versions so that you can familiarize yourself with the platform and the games that are available. You will not be able to try them all since online casinos generally have hundreds of games available. Therefore, you should study the different categories of games that are available and then choose a few to play in the demo version.

Step 5: Deposit money into your user account

If you feel that you are ready to play for real money, you need to deposit a sum of money into your account. Online casinos usually accept multiple different payment methods, such as VISA and Mastercard, Neteller, PaySafeCard, and other methods of payment. It is very important that the deposit is made from the player’s account regardless of the payment method that has been chosen. A relevant criteria for comparing casinos can be the different kinds of payment methods that they accept.

Step 6: 3-2-1... THE GAME STARTS!

Finally, you’ve made it this far, and you are all set up and ready to play for real money. If you choose the same casino in the future, you can jump directly to this step and skip the registration and verification processes. As mentioned above, you can find hundreds of different games. You will not be bored! Of course, you are also free to try other casinos so you can take advantage of more offers and enjoy more games.

Types of Online Casino Games

We can confidently say that you will not run out of new games to experience if you join an online casino. That is a big advantage when playing in these types of casinos. With just a few clicks, you can change not only the game but also the game provider (casino). In an online casino, you can usually find more than 500 different games that are created by many different providers. Certainly not all games will be to your liking, so we will provide you with an overview of the games that are available at online casinos, as well as provide you with some additional information about the games.

Each online casino will have a personalized list with the different games that they offer. An example of such a list could be:

  • Online Slots

  • Online Poker (Video Poker and Live Online Poker)

  • Online Blackjack

  • Online Roulette

In an online casino, you can find multiple variations of the most popular casino games. It is just like having a real casino online. At Casino Cupid, you will find a complete guide to each of the games mentioned above so that you know how to play them. That way, you will get a good start in your online casino experience. In addition to these extremely popular games of chance listed above, you can also find games like:

  • Online Baccarat/Baccara

  • Bingo or Lottery Games

  • Keno

Sports betting is also included in the gambling category, but there are significant differences between sports betting and casino games. Sports betting is based on real sporting events and those who “play” sports betting must be very aware of everything that happens in the world of sports. Of course, there is an element of luck in sports betting, but on a totally different level compared to online betting for casino games.

A Guide to Online Casino Bonuses

Practically all online casinos offer bonuses. However, you need to be aware of certain conditions attached to bonuses. In order for you to be aware of such conditions, you need to know more about how they work. Below you can have a look at the different types of bonuses that exist.

Types of Bonuses

  • Deposit Bonus: With this bonus, you will be rewarded with a certain percentage of the amount deposited – often the casino will double the amount the player deposits, but only up to a certain amount. For example, if you deposit 10 Canadian dollars, you can have up to 20 Canadian dollars in your account. This only applies to the first deposit that you make!

  • No Deposit Bonus: Just as the name suggests, you don’t need to make a deposit in order to qualify for this bonus. This bonus is generally smaller in amount and percentage, but is totally free.

  • Welcome Bonus: A welcome bonus is an offer that online casinos use as an incentive to attract new players by rewarding them with a bonus after their first deposit. This can be in the form of free spins, free bonus money, or free sportsbook bets.

  • Loyalty Bonus: These bonuses are offered when a player has been a part of a casino or playing a specific game for a long time. They are awarded for, as the name implies, loyalty to the casino or its games. It can come in the form of money.’

  • Promotional Bonus: Some online casinos also offer special bonuses as part of a promotion strategy. These are usually in the form of free spins, deposit bonuses, or cashback offers.

  • Birthday Bonus: Some casinos offer birthday bonuses as a birthday gift to celebrate loyal players’ birthdays.

  • Refer-a-friend Bonus: At some casinos, if you refer a friend to that specific online casino, you may receive a bonus for doing so.

What Do Good Bonuses Look Like?

A generous percentage of the amount that has been deposited – 50%, 100%, 200%. If you are wondering if it is possible to find bonuses as good as these, then the answer is yes!

Free spins. The more, the better!

Bonuses that can be used to play as many games as possible.

Now... Some Golden Rules When It Comes to Bonuses

  • Bigger isn’t always better: Pay attention to all of the details, not only to the number of free spins.

  • Read the terms carefully: They differ from casino to casino. The terms of the rewards are generally reasonable, but you may only be able to use additional chips or free spins on certain games or may not be able to receive the bonus until after a certain number of games have been played and bets have been made real money. Therefore, it is very important that you read the terms and conditions of the sites that you want to use.

  • Don’t try to cheat the system: Online casinos have been around for long enough to know all of the different tricks in the book. You will surely get caught and will risk being banned from the casino.

Online gambling can be lots of fun! And of course, the chance of winning real money makes it even more interesting. However, it is important to note that large sums of money can be lost when gambling online, so we recommend that you play in moderation and do not approach gambling as potential source of income.

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