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Maybe you’ve come across the term RNG before but weren’t sure of its meaning. Below, you can learn everything you need to know about RNGs! Furthermore, you can find and compare the leading online casinos in New Zealand with the most popular RNG games.

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You might’ve come across the term RNG previously but weren’t sure of its meaning. It’s a term that is frequently used within the world of online gambling. If you don’t know anything about RNGs, don’t worry! We’ll make sure that you learn everything that you need to know. 

RNG Meaning

RNG in online gaming stands for “Random Number Generator” and refers to an algorithm that produces random numbers. It’s a type of computer program that produces vast sequences of numbers that don’t follow any specific pattern. Within the world of RNGs, there are typically two methods used to generate numbers: true random and pseudo-random.

True Random Number Generators

True Random Number Generators (TRNGs) operate by measuring a well-controlled and specially prepared physical process. Physical events that have random elements, such as noise signals, are used to create random numerical values. By using physical events and sources, such as noise signals, it’s impossible for the numbers to be compromised. It’s impossible to predict the sequence of numbers due to the inherent randomness of the real physical event.

Pseudo-Random Number Generator

Pseudo-Random Number Generators (PRNGs) use algorithms to create large strings of numbers that are based on a shorter string of numbers. This shorter string of numbers is known as a seed number. A seed number can sometimes be based on a physical or natural source, much like a TRNG. However! Since these systems are entirely digital and rely on a seed number and algorithm, a hacker could try to access both to “guess” or reverse-engineer the values. But! The chances of this happening are extremely low. So don’t worry. PRNGs are safe to use – especially if they’re regularly tested and evaluated.

No matter the method, RNGs are used in many different aspects of our lives – including online casino games. Let’s take a look at how they’re used in online gambling. 

How Do Online Casinos Generate Numbers?

Online casinos use PRNGs (pseudo-random number generators) to ensure there’s an element of randomness in games that don’t use dealers. They can also function as automated card shufflers for playing cards or for other basic activities such as flipping a coin. The PRNG system used by online casinos is constantly active. This means that it produces numbers at all times. These numbers are transformed into different elements in the games. For example, RNG tools can calculate the symbols that come to rest on the reels in online pokies, the numbered slots on the roulette wheel that the ball drops into, the numbers rolled in dice games, and the hands dealt in card games. It can pretty much calculate all functions used in online casino games. The casinos use PRNGs to ensure that players will have a fair chance at any game by creating random outcomes.

How RNGs Work in Online Pokie Machines

As an example of how RNGs work, let’s take a look at how this might work when you play pokies online. In our example, there is a three-reel casino pokie game with 10 symbols per reel. The random number generator would then assign a specific value to each symbol – and then randomly select a value of 1 to 10 for each of the three reels. The outcome will be three random symbols, all assigned independently of one another. If they form a winning combination, then the pokie game will pay your winnings accordingly. So, the RNG basically helps to ensure that there is randomness in the outcomes when you choose to spin the wheels of a pokie machine.

Can You Beat a Random Number Generator?

Can you actually beat the RNG?

This is a rather intriguing question. There is both a short and long answer to this question. The short answer is no. The random number generators that are used by licensed casinos are designed in a rather specific way. They are created in a way that ensures that players can’t “beat” them, while still ensuring they’re fair compared to their physical counterparts. 

The long answer, though, is yes. But! We want to make it clear that it’s only true if you’re a world-class hacker with international espionage skills. The reason is that you’ll need to get access to the software and algorithms that are used to create the values that control the randomness in these games. As you might imagine, these software and algorithms are extremely well-protected by the game producers since they ensure fairness in their games.

So, unless you’re a cheater, you’re probably not even interested in wanting to beat the system. Randomness is an important part of many popular online casino games – both old and new. That’s why they’re known as games of chance where luck will determine whether you win or not. You can never be certain of the outcome. That’s what makes these types of games exciting. 

In more strategic and skill-based online table games, such as online poker or Blackjack, you’ll have a chance to affect the results. You can follow certain strategies to help improve your odds. Even though you can still have some sort of influence on the outcome, the dealing of the cards is completely random. That’s what makes gambling fun! Wagering your money on uncertain outcomes.

Why not enjoy the fun and the thrill of betting your money on chance? You can try it out at some of the best casinos in New Zealand. You can find them right here on Casino Cupid’s website!

Can You Trust RNGs?

Licensed online casinos use RNG software that is regularly tested and inspected by independent auditors. Typically, the auditors are third parties that offer specific consulting services and full testing of online casinos, as well as land-based casinos. Using third-party auditors ensures a fair and exciting gambling experience! When it comes to online casinos, the following audits can be included:

  • RNG inspections

  • Game payout reporting and verifications

  • Live dealers, sportsbooks or gambling exchange evaluations

  • Game assessments and mathematics evaluations

When an online gambling site is licensed, it means that its RNGs are, in fact, random. You can check whether your preferred online casino uses fair RNGs by looking for the certification seal on their website. It’s typically found at the bottom of the site’s front page.

Furthermore, online casino operators can’t make any changes to individual games or machines without having to follow a very extensive process in which they must notify gambling regulators. If an online casino breaches such rules, it could be liable for a rather hefty fine – or may even have its license revoked!

There are many reputable independent auditors that conduct both regular and thorough evaluations of the online casino’s RNG. Such companies include eCOGRA(eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) and TST (Technical Systems Testing). They conduct many different types of evaluations and assessments. Among these are live dealer evaluations, security and penetration testing, audits of poker systems, and game payout verification. All these tests and checks are made with the purpose of ensuring fairness in online gaming. If you see a seal of approval from either eCOGRA or TST at the online casino you choose to play at, you can rest assured that its games will be fair. Here, at Casino Cupid, all casinos are regulated by reputable auditors – among these is eCOGRA.

Other Fair-Gaming Measures

The purpose of independent auditors is to ensure that online casino games aren’t influenced by different variables that could mislead players. Such variables could be the potential size of a payout or the number of credits used to play. Furthermore, gaming regulators establish certain payout percentages that the machines need to meet. These can differ depending on the country or state that you play in. Typically, inspectors also tend to do random checks in land-based casinos to ensure that these games aren’t rigged. So, both online casinos and land-based casinos are very safe to play in. That is, of course, only if they’re licensed casinos. Make sure that you always play at regulated and licensed casinos in order to protect your personal information and banking details! Here, at Casino Cupid, we only recommend licensed online casinos. Find your new favourite casino here!

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  • Can You Trust RNGs?
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