The Paroli System

Learn more about one of the most popular betting systems!

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The Paroli system is known for being the opposite of the Martingale system. Some even call it the Reverse Martingale system. It’s a form of positive betting system where you double your bet every time you win until you lose. The positive progression model that the Paroli system is based on is created by Blaise Pascale, a French mathematician. He is also the creator of the roulette wheel. The name Paroli originates from the Latin word “par” which means “one is equal to”. But how does it work? Curious to know more? Then keep on reading!

How Does the Paroli System Work?

The system is actually very simple to use. So, there’s no need to stress about whether or not you’ll be able to use the system. It will be very easy. The system is based on 4 very simple rules. If you wish to learn how to use the Paroli system, then continue reading! We’ve created a small overview of the rules below:

  • Rule 1: Decide Your Base Stake/Unit

    The first step of the Paroli system is to decide on the amount you want to start the cycle with, considering the total amount set aside for betting.

  • Rule 2: Double Up after a Win

    Every time you win, double the amount of your initial bet.

  • Rule 3: Stop Raising Your Bets after 3 Consecutive Wins

    When you’ve won 3 bets in a row, revert to the base stake. Probability dictates that winning a bet after 3 wins is harder.

  • Rule 4: Bet Your Base Stake After Losing

    If you lose a bet, you should return to your base stake on the next bet.

Extremely simple, right? Why not try it out for yourself? You can find multiple casinos with demo versions and free casino games, where you can test out different systems and strategies to find out whether or not they fit you and your style of playing. Check out the casinos right here!

System Variations

As with many other systems, there have been developed additional variations of the Paroli system. Typically, as scholars focus more deeply on betting systems, more variants tend to emerge. They often present different approaches to the same models and systems. The Paroli betting system variants are split into two parts: extended and inverted. You can see a more thorough description of both variations below.

Extended Paroli

This version of the Paroli system is more focused on the gains of the system as it outweighs the losses incurred. However, the system solely depends on the total amount you wish to stake. With every win, double up the stake, while every loss retains the stake value. After 3 consecutive wins, the player should stop betting since the probability of winning reduces after 3 wins in a row.

Inverted Paroli

The Inverted Paroli assumes a structure similar to the Martingale betting system. It focuses more on losses than wins; if you lose a bet, double your stake to cover up the loss from the first bet. On the other hand, a win signifies profit, and there is no need to increase the stake size.

The Pros and Cons of the Paroli System

Advantages of the Paroli system
  • The system is simple to understand and more approachable than other betting styles

  • If you’re lucky enough to win 3 times in a row, you’ll have maximum profits of about 7x the base stake.

  • The system prioritizes winnings as winnings margins are higher than loss margins – effectively ending positively.

Disadvantages of the Paroli system:
  • The probability of winning 3 times in a row isn’t guaranteed.

  • If you’re on a losing streak, you might risk losing a lot of money if you don’t stop in time.

It all sounds pretty good, right? How about testing it out now that you’ve learned more about it? Try it out and have some fun at some of the most popular online casinos from Casino Cupid’s list!

Table of contents

  • How Does the Paroli System Work?
  • System Variations
  • The Pros and Cons of the Paroli System

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