The Fibonacci Strategy

Learn more about one of the world’s most renowned betting strategies!

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The Fibonacci strategy is inspired by the famous Fibonacci number sequence – hence the name. The Fibonacci strategy is used by many different gamblers from all around the world. It’s a system that appears to be rather tricky since there’s a great deal of math involved. But! That’s not the case. You don’t have to be the next Albert Einstein in order to use the Fibonacci betting strategy. When you’ve first got the hang of it, it’s actually a very simple system. 

What Is the Fibonacci Strategy?

As mentioned previously, this particular strategy is based on the famous Fibonacci number sequence. In this number system, the next number in a progression is decided by the sum of the previous two numbers. Just like so: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55 etc.

The idea behind the Fibonacci strategy is that for every bet you lose, you should increase the next wager. This cycle continues until you hit a win. So, it basically continues for as long as you lose. Just like the Martingale system, the Fibonacci strategy assumes that the doubling of the wager will be extremely profitable in the long run.

Perhaps an example would make it a little easier to understand. This example focuses on a game of Baccarat:

You start with a $10 bet on the player’s hand. If you lose your first two wagers, your third wager should be 3x your original bet, i.e., $30 ($20 + $10). If you win the third bet, your winnings will be $30, which means that you’ll have won back the money that you lost on the first two wagers.

If your losing streak goes to three in a row, then your fourth wager should be 5x your original bet ($50). If luck is on your side, and you win the fourth round, you’ll receive $50 in winnings, which is the sum of the last two losing hands, i.e., $20 + $30.

It’s actually very simple: bet $10 until you lose, and then wager $20 until you lose. If you lose the $20 bet, go ahead and increase it to $30, then $50, $80, $130, $210, $340… Just follow the Fibonacci sequence.

Does the Fibonacci System Work?

Honestly, using the Fibonacci system won’t do anything to improve your overall chances of winning. It can help you win money in the short term, or even over a longer period of time if you are able to avoid a lengthy losing streak, but it’s ultimately a flawed betting strategy.

The problem with this particular betting system is the same as with any other negative progression, like the Martingale system. At some point, it’s likely that you’ll be going on a long losing streak and the stakes will get too high. There’s a big risk of the stakes getting so high that you’ll run out of money or hit the maximum bet allowed at the table.

Ultimately, the Fibonacci system doesn’t really work due to the high risk of losing all of your money. Losing streaks are very common in the world of online gambling. But! Despite this fact, we wouldn’t necessarily advise you to ignore it completely. If you like using betting systems, and you’re prepared to accept the risks involved, then it can boost your fun. Just remember! The most important thing is setting a limit for yourself. That way, you won’t lose more than you can afford to. There are no guarantees of success with this system (or any other system for that matter). But it does have some upsides as well. 

The Pros and Cons of the Fibonacci Strategy

There are of course some upsides and downsides to using the Fibonacci strategy. Just like with all other betting strategies. For example, a positive thing about the Fibonacci strategy is that it is less risky than the Martingale system. But! It’s still advisable to set a limit for yourself to keep an eye on the bets and not lose control. The Fibonacci sequence is less steep and therefore not as risky. It’s also a very simple betting system that is great for beginners. Furthermore, only about a third of the bets need to be won in order to be positive overall.

On the other hand, the winnings won’t be that significant compared to the Martingale system, as the progression in the bets is less steep. If you’re interested in trying it out, you can find many popular online casinos with the newest online casino games!

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  • What Is the Fibonacci Strategy?
  • Does the Fibonacci System Work?
  • The Pros and Cons of the Fibonacci Strategy

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