The Chaos Theory

Is it possible to use the Chaos theory when gambling?

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Many online casino players are continuously looking for a way to gain an edge over the house. In order to find the best way to beat the house, many players look to the world of science and math for help. A very well-known theory within the world of mathematics and science is the Chaos theory. Let’s take a look at the Chaos theory together! What is it? And how does it work when it comes to online casino games such as Blackjack and roulette? 

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What Is Chaos Theory?

If you’ve never heard of the Chaos theory before, it might sound a little extreme. But that’s actually not the case.

Chaos theory is a mathematical theory that focuses on the unpredictable and random nature of complex systems. What is a complex system? you might ask. A complex system is something like the weather or the way that boiling water behaves on a stove. Complex systems are things that are difficult to predict. The Chaos theory theorizes that a tiny difference in starting conditions will result in a completely different outcome. For example, water might come to a boiling point differently when salt is added compared to when it’s not.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the butterfly effect before? The term butterfly effect was coined by one of the pioneers of chaos theory, Edward Lorenz, when he was developing a model for weather prediction in the 1960s. He theorized that something as small as a butterfly fluttering its wings in Asia could be capable of eventually causing a hurricane in the Atlantic. Lorenz’s take on predicting weather quickly created discussions on whether or not roulette spins could be foretold, or whether Blackjack is a ‘complex system’. And honestly, wherever there are gamblers and online casino players, there’s always someone trying to sell a guide on how to win money quickly and easily. In all fairness, both roulette and Blackjack outcomes have a sensitive dependence on the starting conditions.

But can you actually use Chaos theory in online casinos? Let’s take a look to see if it’s possible!

Can You Use Chaos Theory To Beat Blackjack?

To be honest, the beauty of Blackjack has always been that it’s actually not a completely random game. The probability of the next card is determined by the cards that have already been dealt with. Due to the game’s rules, a large number of high-value cards left in the deck can change the odds of the game – sometimes to the point where you’ll gain the advantage. 

When using Chaos theory, you’re trying to find order in data that seems completely random. Therefore, it’s only natural to think that it can also apply to a game of Blackjack. But honestly, that’s all just artful deception. We already know the difference that each card’s removal from the game will make. For example, there’s no big change when subtracting an Ace from a 6-deck game. Even though the game may consist of six decks of randomly shuffled cards, it doesn’t rise to the level of being a complex system. No small change in starting conditions will lead to dramatic changes at the end of the game. The testing of millions of Blackjack games hasn’t revealed any obvious tipping point where things suddenly change dramatically. On the other hand, it has only shown a simple mathematical progression of highs and lows. 

So, in conclusion, the game of Blackjack can’t be seen as a complex system where the Chaos theory would be useful. It’s all just wishful thinking and false advertising. But does that also mean that it can’t be used for a game of roulette? Let’s look into that!

Can You Use Chaos Theory To Beat Roulette?

The purpose behind the roulette wheel was to create an instrument that produced completely random results and was completely up to luck. The wheel will randomly select one of 38 different numbers from double zero to 36. Perhaps an ivory ball, a wooden board, and a moving metal wheel are perhaps not the most practical choices for creating continuous randomness.

An example of such an occurrence happened back in 1880. An engineer named Joseph Jagger broke the bank in Monte Carlo. He spotted one particular wheel out of dozens that seemed to be flawed. He won $7 million in today’s currency, which made the casino realize the problem and attempt to fix the wheel by switching with a different wheel head. There are also tales of an eccentric Englishman, who went by the pseudonym “Harry Gatto”, that beat two separate wheels for more than $300K back in the early 90s.

It has been obvious that roulette wheels have been rather susceptible to attacks in the past due to a flawed design and poor maintenance. But are they still susceptible to such attacks in today's society? And can Chaos theory help beat the wheel? Honestly, the Chaos theory won’t be of much help to you if you want to win a game of roulette. Especially not when it comes to online casinos where there are no small deviations in starting conditions that can cause large changes in results. One might think that it could be possible in real-life casinos. There may be a slightly bent fret on a wheel head, a worn ball, a groove in the ball track, or a slight tilt to the spindle – any of these can cause a number of segments of numbers to hit more often than they should. But! Such issues are best described by everyday physics. While real-life roulette is still susceptible to several different advantage plays, most of these are easily defeated by properly trained staff and have nothing to do with chaos theory. Roulette isn’t a complex system where the Chaos theory can be applied.

So, the Chaos theory can’t actually be used when playing casino games, such as roulette or Blackjack. Especially not when it comes to online casinos where there are no differences in the starting conditions. The game will always start the same way. Even the best physics models or impressive supercomputers using some version of chaos modelling won’t get far if they’re unsure of the starting conditions, since they need them in order to make accurate predictions. But there are many other strategies that you can try out if you want to strengthen your chances of winning. Here at Casino Cupid, you can find articles on strategies such as the Martingale system and the Fibonacci system.

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  • What Is Chaos Theory?
  • Can You Use Chaos Theory To Beat Blackjack?
  • Can You Use Chaos Theory To Beat Roulette?

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